The aim of this website is to share this information relating to gambling, both online and offline, in various countries across the world.

As the creator and owner of this site (Sizecom.be), I have a keen interest in statistics – in particular gambling statistics. I have a background analysing and collating data with having performed as a business data analyst in many firms over the years.  Data and statistics speaks volumes as to what a market is doing and where it is projected to go in the future.  As a result of my complete confidence in hard and fast facts, I have compiled list of useful resources for you guys out there in the gaming industry; such as annual reports and overviews released by governmental organizations that contain vast amounts of data relating to gambling.

I hope you find some valuable statistics and information to gain a better insight and deeper understanding of this ever-expanding sector. These reports featured here on Size-Com are not only relevant to players, but also anybody interested in economics, business, as well as the legal, social and political implications of gambling and lotteries.

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