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Sizecom.be focusses on providing the latest developments within the European online gaming sector.  This sector has seen a dramatic period of growth and sizecom.be aims to keep our site’s visitors up to date with the latest developments.

The online gaming sector has seen dramatic growth, and with this growth has come a broad range of other issues.  One of the major issues facing this sector at the moment is the proposed legislation regulating this sector.  A number of European countries are in the process of regulating their online gambing markets.  We aim to keep you up to date with these developments here at sizecom.be.

This Size-Com site has been compiled in order to bring casino game players (of all experience and ability) a directory of useful resources that provide statistics on the online gambling and gaming sectors in various countries.

Many of the resources gathered here on Size-Com are in the form of annual reports from different European governments and gambling organizations, offering useful insights into the metrics that go into gambling, such as gambling revenue, net profits, number of players, number of land-based and online casinos in different jurisdictions, growth forecasts, and quantitative discussions on the wider market landscape with inter-country comparisons.

Please note that all of the above links featured on Size-Com direct to third-party websites/governmental organization sites with some free, downloadable PDF files for reference. These resources are not affiliated with Size-Com in any way.

Size-Com’s recommended sites / PDF reports offering gambling statistics:

Belgian Gaming Commission

This 2016 Annual Report from the Belgian gaming Commission in PDF form is both downloadable and viewable in your web browser, and provides detailed overviews of the country’s online and offline gambling markets, as well as lotteries and newly-implemented legislations.


European Union

Another detailed PDF guide, this time from the European Union. This report takes a European-wide look at gambling throughout the continent, discussing the economic, legal, and social implications of casinos and online gambling in all member countries. The report is also useful to compare different countries in terms of key gambling-associated metrics, such as percentage of GDP, players/casinos per capita and even a rundown of all of the individual games (such as bingo, slot games, different card games) being played.  For the latest information about progress and developments in the online casino sector in Hungary, please visit kaszinohu.com.


UK Gambling Commission

Here you will find the ‘Statistics and Research’ section of the UK government’s dedicated gambling portal (i.e. the UK Gambling Commission). From here, you can learn about some of the key facts and stats relevant to all different kinds of gambling in the UK (including the country’s national lottery), as well as read up on some of the problems facing the country in relation to casinos and online gaming.


New Zealand, Department of Internal Affairs

With some concise facts and figures about the state of gambling in Australia, the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs presents a useful table showing Reported Gambling Expenditure from 2010/11 to 2016/17 in terms of racing, lotteries, casinos and others. There’re also other links on this page to other pages for a more detailed look at casinos and non-casinos gaming, censorship and community development.


Australia – Queensland Government

Some more in-depth stats on gambling and gaming revenue in Australia, this time with a focus on Queensland.


France – Arjelte

This comprehensive PDF provides everything (statistic-based) you need to know about the gambling sector in France for the year 2017 – 2018 (in English).


Sweden (lotteriinspektionen)

This PDF takes a detailed look at the state of gambling in Sweden while adopting an international perspective at the same time. Downloadable or viewable online, the report for 2016 has all the key gambling metrics you need to know.


Denmark (Spillemyndigheden)

A plentiful supply of gambling statistics relevant to Denmark courtesy of ‘Spillemyndigheden’ – or The Danish Gambling Authority. This useful site breaks down statistics and insights into quarterly reports from 2012 – present.